Greg Martin Auctions Proudly Announces A Landmark Book
Antique American Firearms

—The First in An On-Going Series—

American Arms Collectors
Percussion Colts and Their Rivals–The Al Cali Collection

R.L. Wilson

This mega-format, 11-inch by 17-inch lavishly produced 200-page hardcover volume presents for the first time all the subject handguns in actual size, including cased sets.

Book covers & frontispiece

American Arms Collectors - Percussion Colts and Their Rivals - The Al Cali Collection presents comprehensive text and illustrations drawn on a half century of research and study, and is based on the superb private collection assembled by Al Cali. As a fitting tribute to their artistry and craftsmanship, design and beauty, every featured revolver is in actual size, with selected details reproduced in magnification to appreciate the exceptional quality. Every featured firearm is shown in left and right side views, in vivid, crisp, sharp and precise full color.
Text and photographs feature important examples of all major models, and include all significant competition gunmakers to Colonel Samuel Colt: Remington, Manhattan, Metropolitan, the Massachusetts Arms Co., Adams (patent), Allen & Wheelock. Alsop, Cooper, North & Savage, Joslyn, Springfield Arms Co., Union Arms Co., Rogers & Spencer, Freeman, Pettingill, Butterfield, Starr, Walsh, Wesson & Leavitt, and more.
This detailed work is an amalgamation of the American tradition of fine gunmaking, the romance and adventure of pioneer America, the mechanical intricacies of early American percussion revolvers, and the unique role of Samuel Colt and his competitors in early industrial America. Included are cased sets, finely engraved pieces, and a wide range of principal variations of American-built landmark handguns, and accessories.
The Cali Collection has been meticulously assembled based on historical and mechanical significance, as well as on quality, excellence, and originality. Several examples have pedigrees from major predecessor collections and early dealers, among them William M. Locke, Samuel E. Smith, William O. Sweet, Richard P. Mellon, W. Buhl Ford III, Karl Moldenhauer, James E. Serven, Robert E. Hable, Herb Glass and Norm Flayderman.
The superb illustrations, by photographer Douglas Sandberg, reveal in sharp detail the skills of gunmakers, designers and manufacturers from mid-nineteenth century American artisans. The full-size images will allow comparisons of actual specimens to the superbly illustrated examples, with the color equal to the authentic appearance of each piece, and their accessories.

The book provides a unique overview of the subject matter, with a foreword by Greg Martin, a history of arms collecting, and a memoir by Al Cali on his adventures in gun collecting. Reference information is provided in a detailed descriptive text, further revealed in the actual-size - and larger - full color illustrations of all handguns. The book also presents a thorough bibliography and index.
American Arms Collectors - Percussion Colts and Their Rivals - The Al Cali Collection is the first in an on-going series on “American Arms Collectors,” to be published by Greg Martin Auctions. This groundbreaking work is the latest in author R.L. Wilson’s 48 books in the broad fields of firearms and engraving - the first of which appeared in 1961.
The result of this unique collaboration is one of the most splendidly illustrated books on American firearms yet published – a landmark in the world of fine guns.

Rare first edition of only 1,000 copies.

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