Front cover: Three distinct steps in the evolution of the revolver: from the private collection of Colonel and Mrs. Samuel Colt bequest in 1905 to the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, by Mrs. Colt.
The Paterson Colt BookAt top: the Collier flintlock, serial number 71. Made in England, c. 1820. .46 caliber. 5 shots. Overall length, 13 7/8-inches.
At center
: the Paterson Holster Revolver, No. 5 Model, also known as the Texas Paterson. Serial number 984, .36 caliber, 9-inch barrel; profusely engraved. The grips of two-piece ivory, carved in the shell motif, and mounted on German silver plates.
bottom: Colt Walker Model Revolver, serial number 1020 with the number 1019 on the rear of the cylinder between two of the nipples. .44 caliber, 9-inch barrel. (Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Bequest of Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt, 1905)


Featuring the Dennis A. LeVett Collection

by R.L.Wilson

The comprehensive technical history of the rarest of all Colt firearms: the Paterson, made in the pioneer industrial city of the same name, in New Jersey, c. 1836 to 1842. The Paterson Colt Book presents text and illustrations based on over forty years of research and study, and is a joint effort of collector Dennis LeVett and the author. The photographs feature important examples of all models, as represented in the LeVett Collection, as well as from other collectors, museums and historical societies, augmented by data from the files of the late James E. Serven, and with technical notes from collector Robert Pershing, based on his own extensive research.

This detailed work is an amalgamation of the American tradition of fine gunmaking, the romance and adventure of pioneer America, the mechanical intricacies of the first marketable revolver, and the unique role of Samuel Colt in early industrial America.Included are cased sets, finely engraved pieces (some of them made for crowned heads and other dignitaries), and the full range of variations of all Paterson-built firearms - handguns and longarms.

Over 50 private collectors, dealers, auction houses, and museums cooperated in the far-reaching researches required to create this detailed work. The scarcity of published information on the Paterson Colt has long been a challenge to the collector and researcher. In The Paterson Colt Book virtually every question one could wish answered has been dealt with.

Included in the illustrations is the extraordinary Paterson collection of The Paterson Museum, Paterson, New Jersey, as well as selections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and numerous other institutions. Also detailed is the full range of accessories, augmented by documents and period photographs - most never previously published.

The book presents most firearms - many never previously reproduced - in exquisite close-ups, accompanied by details of their history and significance. The book's organization provides a unique overview of the subject matter, augmented by a detailed bibliography and index.

Serial number tabulations, production data, and details on all variations are presented in a style that makes this book the ideal source for any devotee of Paterson Colt firearms.

The oblong format is produced in the same style as the "History of Firearms" series begun by The Colt Heritage and continued with (in sequence) Colt An American Legend, Winchester An American Legend, The Peacemakers, Steel Canvas, Ruger & His Guns, Buffalo Bill's Wild West, and The World of Beretta.

Limited, Numbered Edition of 3,000 Copies Signed by the Author and the Publisher.

362 pages; 8 1/2" x 11"; over 400 color and 50 black-and-white photographs and engravings.
$125.00; Canada $165.00


Back cover:
Revealing of the scale between various models uf Paterson revolvers. Group includes:

Back CoverFrom the Top: Holster Model No. 5 or Texas Paterson, serial number 6OO, with 9-inch barrel, .36 caliber, squarehack cylinder (with extra cylinder, muzzle up). Varnished walnut grips. Blued finish; hammer likely to have been case-hardened. Model No. 3 Belt Revolver, serial number 190, .31 caliber, 5 1/2 inch barrel, accompanied by extra cylinder with matching number. Blued finish, varnished walnut grips (Note Deland family crest engraved on silver grip inlay.)
Center: revolver, Model No. 2 Belt, serial number 897, .31 caliber, 4 1/2-inch barrel with extra cylinder muzzle up. Blued finish; with silver-plated frame and backstrap. Rosewood grips with German silver bolsters. Model No. 1 Pocket or Baby Paterson, serial number 138 with extra cylinder, .28 caliber, 4 1/8inch barrel. Blued finish.
Bottom (with loading lever): Fourth Model Ehlers Pocket, a.k.a. Model No. 1 Improved, .28 caliber, serial number 378; 3-inch barrel, blued finish.
Bottom left: Fifth Model Ehlers Belt, a.k.a. Model No. 2 Improved, 31 caliber, serial number 37, 3 15/16 inch barrel, with plunger style flask and nipple pricker, both for Ehlers Improved Models and from serial 37's cased set.

Accessories of combination powder and ball flasks.

From the Top: serial number 54 (for No. 5 Holster Model), no number (for No. 3 Belt Model), and 65 (for No.1 Pocket Model). Plunger style flask at bottom, for Ehlers or Improved model revolvers. Combination tool at upper left, from cased set of Texas Model pair; at upper right, from cased set of No. 3 Belt Model. Question-mark shaped tool from Ehlers Fifth Model set, serial 37. Cappers from top left down, No. 121 for handguns; No. 16 for longarms; No. 32 for No. 1 Ring Lever rifle (scarce type without embossed logo); No. 6 for longarms, reverse showing back latch; No. 211, for handguns; No. 200 (showing reverse). Cleaning rod and key at far right from cased handgun sets. Round balls calibers .28 and .31. Mold at bottorn right (open) for serial number 37 Fifth Model Ehlers or Improved No. 2. Closed mold from cased pair of Texas Paterson revolvers, numbers 582 and 600. See also chapters II through VI.