R.L.Wilson: Book List: Colt, Winchester, and Other Titles

These beautifully illustrated books
encompass the broad history of firearms:
the most fascinating of all mechanical objects created by mankind.

Spanning a wide range of gun-related subjects and facinating personalities: from
Colts and Winchesters to Deringers and engraving; from Wyatt Earp and
Theodore Roosevelt to William B. Ruger and Enzo Ferrari

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Colt – An American Legend
The Book Of Colt Firearms
Paterson Colt Pistol Variations
The Russian Colts
Wyatt Earp and the Buntline Special Myth
The Evolution of the Colt: Firearms from the Robert Q. Sutherland Collection
Gun (Japanese)
The Arms Collection of Colonel Colt
The Colt Whitneyville-Walker Pistol
Colt Pistols
Colt’s Dates of Manufacture 1836-1978
The Colt Heritage (Poster)
Winchester – An American Legend
Winchester Engraving
Winchester – The Golden Age of American Gunmaking
& The Winchester 1 of 1000
Ruger & His GunsNew
Steel Canvas – The Art Of American Arms
The Peacemakers – Arms And Adventure In The American West
Theodore Roosevelt – Outdoorsman
L.D. Nimschke – Firearms Engraver
The Deringer In America. Vol. 1 The Percussion Period
The Deringer In America. Vol. 2 The Cartridge Period
The Art Of American Arms