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What’s New?

Ruger & His Guns. The official history of William B. Ruger, “a legend in his own time” and of Sturm, Ruger & Co. and Ruger Firearms. Part Henry Ford, part Sam Colt, part Enzo Ferrari — but 100 percent his own man, and an All-American original, William B. Ruger has made a resounding success in an industry many thought was dying.

Ruger & His Guns has already proven to be the fastest selling of all R.L.Wilson titles. The author has signed thousands of copies, appeared at five collector shows (Nashville, Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York (the latter at the showrooms of Holland & Holland, 50 E. 57th Street). As an exclusive for Holland & Holland, Mr. Ruger and the author signed only 200 copies specifically for this event; a limited number remain. These can be ordered directly from Holland & Holland at (212) 752-7755 (fax 212 752-6805), attention: Book Department, Jim Balistrieri, Manager. Hunting World, at 16 E. 53rd Street, New York, also features signed books, by the author only, and even displays copies in the main storefront windows.

Publicity for the Ruger book has already appeared in The American Rifleman, Forbes’ FYI, Gun Journal, Publishers’ Weekly, Shooting Times, The Denver Post, and numerous other publications.

Watch for a leather bound edition of Ruger & His Guns from the Modern Firearms Library of the National Rifle Association. There will be 1,000 copies only, signed and numbered by the author, beautifully crafted in a full leather Ruger-red binding. Retail price will be at about $195, and the initial announcement is due to be mailed in November.

Furthermore, America Remembers of Mechanicsville, Virginia is producing a special Ruger & His Guns Tribute of 500 Vaquero revolvers (.44 Magnum caliber): 100 will be hand-engraved and gold-plated, and 400 in photo-engraved stainless steel. These cased revolvers will be accompanied by signed and numbered copies of the book, with the serials matching those of each revolver.

Recent Articles by R.L.Wilson

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Video Productions

Son of a Gun or How Sam Colt Changed America. This BBC documentary explores the impact on America of Samuel Colt’s invention that “made men equal.”

Colt Firearms Legends. No firearms are more avidly collected than Colts. Brought together for this one-hour-long video are over $30,000,000 worth of the finest and most rare Colt firearms.

In the Blood. Feature film by the director of Pumping Iron. Documents two African safaris: the first led by President Roosevelt in 1909, the second by his great grandson nearly 80 years later. Features TR’s Holland and Holland rifle and rare film footage of the 1909 safari.

Mille Miglia: The Most Beautiful Race in the World. Join the drivers of a pristine 1947 Cisitalia sports car as they race with 330 other entrants along a 1000-mile course through Italy’s exquisite vineyards and farms and pass through over 50 cities and towns between Brescia and Rome.

Works In Progress

Firesticks and Tomahawks – The Arms of the American Indian*
The Arms of Tiffany (Co-authored with Janet Zapata)*
The Guns of Manhattan*
KA-BOOM A Children’s History of Firearms (Drawings by C. Bourbeau)
Arms and Adventure in the American West – A Children’s History of Arms of the West (drawings by C. Bourbeau)
Museums of Arms and Military History of the World (Co-authored by Brooke An Chilvers)*
Colt Engraving II: A revised and updated edition of Colt Engraving (out of print)
Remington – An American Legend* The history of Remington firearms.
* Part of the “History of American Firearms” series, which includes Colt – An American Legend, Winchester – An American Legend, The Peacemakers, Steel Canvas and Ruger and His Guns.

Mr. Wilson is continually collecting photographs and information on arms subjects and appreciates hearing from collectors and others for his ever-expanding pictorial archives on arms and armor.

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